As is often the case, once something becomes hot news, all kinds of perspectives start to appear which often results in more confusion for the poor individual.

Stealth sugar

However, New scientist provided a valuable perspective this week, highlighting the growth in the amount of sugar we’re consuming over the last few hundred years, and the fact that ‘however much you might want it, you really don’t need sugar’.

Also, according to Newscientist, the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) Nutrition Guidance Expert Advisory Group has been carrying our a review of the evidence that sugar is toxic with a view to making some recommendations.

‘These guidelines are still work in process, but an early leak suggests they are likely to recommend just 5% of daily calories from sugars. That would mean cutting current consumption by two-thirds, to about 8 teaspoons a day for men and 6 for women (a can of coke, contains 10 teaspoons on its own).’

As you can imagine, the sugar industry isn’t too happy about these recommendations, but while politicians and the sugar industry battle it out, the advice for you, as an individual is quite simple: ‘try to reduce how much sugar you are consuming. Above all, avoid sugary drinks.’ Great advice!

Read the full article in NewScientist.

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