For years now, I’ve been asked to do some regular updates via video. ‘I’m so busy’, ‘no time to read’, ‘I consume all of my information via Youtube’, is feedback I’ve had.

The trouble was,  being on camera wasn’t in my comfort zone,  but i’ve tried to get into the habit of doing videos by shooting them, but not promoting them. That went on for a little while until the great Richard Toutounji from COM told me that ‘the best time to get started is now’, and challenged me to stop planning and get doing.

Well as someone who both loves a challenge and wants to serve my customers better, below is the very first 3 minute  ‘episode’.   We’re calling it the Raw Energiser, a short morsel of insight to help you shift your energy into action to create a more authentic, people-centred workplace.

The Gift of Feedback

I love constructive feedback, so let me know what you think:

Above The Raw Energy Philosophy

Raw Energy helps people shift their energy into action to create more authentic, people-centred workplaces. By helping them identify energy blocks and imbalances across five dimensions and empowering them with the tools and techniques, programs and services to balance and release positive energy.

The Raw Energy Model - New Improved