In our modern society, we all think of stress as something negative, something bad that we should avoid.  However, that isn’t the case, so to reassure you that all stress is not bad,  and I wanted to share with you an inspiring quote  from David Perlmutter and Alberto Villoldo’s powerful book ‘Power up Your Brain’:

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“But we must remember that stress isn’t all bad. In fact, it is essential
for human progress, just as necessity is the mother of invention. When we
are unable to respond with creativity to a challenging situation, it is
because we are caught in a neural rut. Our brain’s wiring won’t permit it.

When you go to the gym for strength training, you put stress on your
muscles, and at the end of the workout, you leave with a toned body and a
feeling of accomplishment.

Biological stress on a species, such as that caused by a change in food
availability due to long-term drought, is
resolved through creative
coping and adapting.

Without the stress of a changing ecosystem, our apelike ancestors
would never have left the savannas of Africa for more fertile
areas in Asia and Europe; they would not have started
walking on two legs instead of four. In those cases, stress was
nature’s way of inviting the wisest and most adaptable to


At our present point in human history, with a changing ecosystem and an
increased toxic load from poisons in our food and water, our species is
once again faced with the challenge of long-term survival. And the
enlightenment required of us may be no less daunting than having to learn
to walk upright on two legs.”

David Perlmutter and Alberto Villoldo from *Power Up Your Brain*

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