Whilst most of us avoid it at all cost, failure, though painful at the time, can actually be a very good teacher. To fail and learn from your experience teaches you more than if you did everything right the first time.

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 “Failure is frustrating.  But it’s also temporary and eventually yields wisdom.  We can think of failure as part of life’s apprenticeship.
If we were perfect and had all the answers, we’d never get to ask questions, and we wouldn’t be able to discover anything new.”
 – Kristen Neff

There are many, many stories that bring this point to life. Examples where, had the leaders not had grit and the strength to carry on despite their failures, the world would never have benefited from their creations.

James Dyson, for instance, made 2,000 prototypes of his vacuum cleaner before he perfected his dual cyclone technology – you could say he failed 1,999 times. But his tenacity eventually paid off. Similarly, had the developers of Angry Birds given up after their 50th attempt, they would never have struck success with their 51st version!

And 12 publishers rejected the original Harry Potter manuscript, until Bloomsbury agreed to publish it!

The important thing is to pick yourself up, take the learning on board, and keep moving forward on the path – staying open to pivoting if you need to.

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