Do Something Creative Every Day
To Reduce Stress


be creative

We all have the potential to be creative, and even though some of us are more left-brained (analytic) than right (creative), throwing yourself into a creative activity is a great way to energise yourself and stave away stress.

Whether your ‘thing’ is writing, painting, cooking, playing a musical instrument, knitting or singing, make some time every day for these types of activities as they will help build your resilience and engage the creative side of your brain.

Don’t feel particularly creative? Adapting your environment can make an instant difference. Having a walk and talk meeting at work, for instance, will make you feel different to sitting in a windowless office. Taking an hour or two to de-clutter your office can reduce feelings of being overwhelmed, as well as being very satisfying.

Similarly at home, surround yourself with soothing and uplifting photos and images such as beautiful scenes; or change the environment and hence your mood by listening to music or burning some incense.

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