What is mindfulness?

I first stumbled across the concept of mindfulness about a decade ago. The idea made perfect sense to me – Enjoy the moment and stop living in the past or the future as you’ll miss out on your life. I read fascinating books, like Eckhart Tolle’s ‘The Power of Now’, which resonated with me. And yet, I still struggled with the negative emotions of regret and worry.

But I kept going, and being a fought through my ‘monkey mind’ and started to practice meditation making it part of my Resilience Toolkit.

mindfulnessIf you’re suffering from more stress than you’d like and are open-minded to trying new things, then The Mindfulness Initiative’s Jamie Bristow’s talk will help you to:


  • Understand what mindfulness is
  • Discover how you can start to learn practices to help you be more mindful
  • Find out a range of valuable resources that you can draw upon

Here is Jamie’s talk  – it’s a great presentation. And please do let me (and Jamie!) have your feedback.

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