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Team Wellbeing – Engage your employees & create a positive growth culture

Are you looking to engage your employees & create a positive growth culture?

If the answer is yes, then you need RAW ENERGY FUEL
‘Culture eats strategy for breakfast’, but all too often a culture is left to develop organically which exposes a business to risk of getting out of EQUILIBRIUM. Cultures that are out of EQUILIBRIUM can take a generation to course correct, particularly if the issues are at the top of an organisation.
Forward-thinking companies don’t leave their most pressure asset to chance. They take proactive measures to nurture and positively influence the culture through carefully crafted engagement programmes focused on connecting individual team contributors to their jobs and their organisations.
RAW Energy FUEL is about helping TEAMS move towards a state of EQUILIBRIUM, no matter what’s going on externally.
EQUILIBRIUM isn’t the result of one thing, but it’s about curating your own team wellbeing and resilience toolkit to help you:
  1. Spot the signs of imbalance
  2. Rapidly Identify the EQUILIBRIUM levers  that work for your culture
  3. Take confident action to regain a state of EQUILIBRIUM
Uncertainty and change combined with poor communication will have a very negative impact on the mental wellbeing of employees and the financial wellbeing of an organisation. According to Deloitte, poor mental health costs an average of $1500 per employee per year.
When the rug is pulled beneath you and your business, you are pushed into a state of ‘fight or flight’, but you still have choices:
  • You can pretend it hasn’t happened
  • You can wait and seee
  • Or you can act
Now is the time to act.
And we’re here to support you and your team, guide you and give you access to a wealth of knowledge, skills, strategies and tools to keep you going in the right direction.
Right now, you may be asking yourself:
  • Where should I invest my resources?
  • How can I engage my team?
  • How can I keep my team connected?
  • Who do I need to invest my time with?
  • Where are the risks?
  • How can I build a psychologically safe environment?
We can help you answer these questions and create a personalised support system and toolset that will help you to maintain or regain EQUILIBRIUM on a day-to-day basis.
A state of EQUILIBRIUM requires balance in five areas: physical, mindset & emotions, connection, time and money.
The ROI of a healthier, more mentally balanced and resilient team culture is significant, up to 300% according to research.


Are you looking to reevaluate and move towards a state of EQUILIBRIUM in your whole life?

If the answer is Yes,  then you need RAW ENERGY FOCUS.
At RAW Energy FOCUS, we work with individuals to help them:
a. Get clear on their unique strengths
b. Adapt their lifetstyle to support their individuality
c. Focus forward to create a total life plan that supports you

Get Stated today

The RAW Energy Equilibrium Programme

A unique 6 week training and coaching programme which includes:

Step 1: Starting point

  • An assessment of where your culture is out of balance. What are the issues? What are the opportunities?
  • Individualised profiles of your team members based

Step 2: Ideation and programme planning

Step 3: Employee Wellbeing Engagement – delivery

  • Mini challenges to support the development of micro habits
  • Online Wellbeing Festivals to educate, inspire and guide employees to sustainable solutions that work for them
  • Short online wellbeing & resilience skills masterclasses to teach people self care skills: mindfulness, meditation, food preparation, sleep habits
  • Intensive mindset resilience training – 4,8 and 12 weeks
  • Virtual Lean in Round Table with small groups of employees
  • Total Wellbeing content packages

Step 4:  Review, refine and plan the next steps


  • Evidence-based. Leverages insights from modern science and ancient wisdom
  • Segments employees based on biological profiling
  • Delivery via curated team of health, wellbeing & innovation specialists
  • Detailed evaluation process to set you up for success
  • Phased approach


  1. Allows you to look into the ‘mirror of truth’ and see the starting point
  2. Helps you identify the super powers of the people in your team to enable them to work in their genius
  3. Supports the creation of a more personalised and impactful wellbeing & resilience engagement programme
  4. Higher engagement, productivity, performance and resilience
  5. Lower sickness through absenteeism, presenteeism, attrition
  6. Access to a network of vetted specialists from the world of Health and Wellbeing

Where to now?

To be successful, a business/employee relationship has to be based on a solid foundation of trust. As coaches, we invest a lot of energy into the people we work with as ultimately we want each and every person to get the sustainable results they are seeking.
If you’re interested to work with RAW Energy fuel, I invite you to read more about our philosophy (link) and, then complete this short questionnaire and one of our team will be in touch to book an introductory meeting.
I have been one of Lawrence’s clients for a year at the time of writing. It’s been a transformative experience for me personally and for the team with whom he has worked. We started with the foundations of all good companies, culture. From those strong foundations, Lawrence has coached me and team through sometimes challenging changes and helped us grasp our many opportunities. The blend of personal wellbeing and professional coaching, underpinned by a wealth or real-world business experience and tools is a powerful mix. I’d happily recommend Lawrence and in fact already have on many occasions. Chris Fell, Founder, G2M
Clients include:
Qantas, GSK, RELX, SumoSalad, Hays Recruitment, Employsure, NTT, G2M, Fitness First, CityBank, NSW Government, Sonas Events, RXP, AMN Amro, GTHS, Titrac, George Place, Cancer Council, IDM, Inner Origin, Nutrifix, Morsl, Buller, Livesmart

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Wellbeing isn’t the result of one thing, but the combination and accumulation of many things

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